From church to pantry

Plus: Alice Cooper's archive

Pantry Staple

Episode: "Bean There, Done That (with Josh Malina)" | Podcast: Home Cooking | 58m44s

Chef helps newly minted home cooks (aka, all of us stuck at home right now) make better meals with what we have. Samin Nosrat, the Iranian-American author of Salt Fat Acid Heat, has an infectious laugh and a seemingly inexhaustible stash of ideas for what to do with food. I was hooked from the very opening when she suggested putting cheese under scrambled eggs so the residual heat melts it onto the toast. The main subject of this episode is beans and how best to cook them. There is also a guest tangent about latkes (58m44s)

Coming Out

Episode: "We Told Our Parents" | Podcast: Born Again Again | 53m50s

Atheist couple narrate the story of how they told their religious parents that they were leaving the church behind. They describe themselves as "learning to live on the other side of religion". It took a year for them to decide to have this talk with their families. During this time they debated whether it was selfish and unduly hurtful to impose their newfound atheism on their parents, or whether it was immoral to conceal that they no longer had faith. In the end, they did it via video call, and the account of it is really moving (53m50s)

Old Rocker

Episode: "Slash" | Podcast: Alice Cooper's Vintage Vault Podcast | 15m59s

Rock legend Alice Cooper introduces interview highlights from his radio show's archive. He's been presenting Nights with Alice Cooper for 16 years and in between songs he includes conversations with fellow veterans from America's music scene. This is an excerpt from a conversation recorded in 1995 with Slash, the top-hatted lead guitarist of Guns N' Roses. The band has "always been a volatile, stressed out unit," he says, explaining why he left in 1996 (only to rejoin in 2016). Great insight into decades of musical collaboration (15m59s)

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