From RBG to sun worship

Plus: a lost LA bookstore

Notorious RBG

Episode: "A Conversation With Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Rebroadcast) | Podcast: Aspen Ideas To Go | 61m02s

Rebroadcast of a conversation from 2017 with the late US Supreme Court judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg. It covers her career prior to coming to prominence as the second woman ever to be appointed to the Court, but the really arresting portions of this recording deal with her relationships with her fellow judges. In particular, her views on sharing the bench with conservative colleagues Antonin Scalia and Neil Gorsuch are fascinating — despite their divergent ideologies, she was close personal friends with the former (61m02s)

Video Shop

Episode: "Circus Of Books Director Rachel Mason" | Podcast: Sup Doc: A Documentary Podcast | 62m41s

Interview with the director of a documentary about a historic Los Angeles shop that sold books and adult videos for the gay community from the 1960s onwards. The proprietors were the guest's parents; she grew up alongside the business and its clientele. The shop's story touches on key themes from LGBT history, from religious intolerance to the AIDS crisis. This podcast as a whole is an excellent way of discovering new non-fiction films to watch — each episode features a different documentary that is available to stream (62m41s)

Sun Worship

Episode: "In Search Of The Omphalus" | Podcast: Watling Street | 51m06s

Third instalment of a four part journey along Watling Street, a Celtic and Roman thoroughfare across Britain that ran from Dover in south east to Wroxeter in the north west. The whole series is well worth the time, but this episode is especially notable for its exploration of how this ancient road influenced twentieth century urban planning. The whole "newtown" of Milton Keynes is orientated to account for the historic practice of solstice sun worship, for instance. Listen out for the cameo by famed comics writer Alan Moore (51m06s)

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