From Berlin to Australia

Plus: a tale of plastic surgery

Closing Time

Episode: "RS Lockdown: Clean Your Windows" | Podcast: Radio Spaetkauf Berlin | 58m10s

Dispatch from the first day of Berlin's coronavirus lockdown. This upbeat conversational show — made in English by friends who live in the city — is often recorded with a live audience, but now they are alone in an empty comedy club. The city has imposed what the hosts describe as the biggest restriction on personal liberty since the Second World War. Amid the anxiety and the panic, there are upsides: neighbours are making eye contact, strangers are chatting in the shops and people are making phone calls again (58m10s)

Going Outside

Episode: "Golden Gully, Australia, At Dusk – By Camilla Hannan" | Podcast: Field Recordings | 18m24s

Series of recordings made by sound artists standing "silently in fields (or things that could be broadly interpreted as fields)". This one comes from a town with a population of less than 100 in the north of Victoria province. It was captured at dusk, and as the minutes of rustling cicadas tick by it becomes possible to visualise the scene and the sunset just from the sounds. An ideal 18 minutes of relaxation, or if looped a calming soundtrack to tune out other disturbances. Make sure you listen out for the kookaburra (18m24s)

Face Time

Episode: "Easter Sunday" | Podcast: The Baron of Botox | 32m47s

Ten part documentary series about Dr Fredric Brandt, a dermatologist who became the celebrity botox dispenser of choice and eventually developed an addiction to his own product. He was "a man with a surgeon's hands and an artist's eye" who grew his practice into a pop culture phenomenon as the grey area of non invasive cosmetic procedures boomed into a billion dollar industry. It's cleverly made and largely avoids sensationalism, but does deal with subjects like suicide from the start, so proceed with caution (32m47s)

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