From plague to bugs

Plus: delete your emails

Passion Play

Episode: "Oberammergau" | Podcast: Pindrop | 47m26s

Cerebral travel podcast about ideas tied to specific locations. This episode is about the past, present and future of the Oberammergau Passion Play, a tradition created by a 17th century plague and now halted by a 21st century one. The legend goes that in 1633, residents of this Bavarian village vowed to perform a nativity play in perpetuity if God spared them from the bubonic plague. It has been performed roughly once a decade since, attracting international attention from the likes of Adolf Hitler and Henry Ford (47m26s)

Inbox Zero

Episode: "Bulk Deleting With Ann Friedman" | Podcast: The Best Advice Show | 2m18s

Brief recordings giving practical advice. This one, with well known newsletter writer Ann Friedman, is about inbox management. Friedman doesn't have a strict process for coping with the huge volume of email she gets, but rather views her inbox as an extension of her priorities elsewhere. Therefore, personal friends get a reply within a day, internet acquaintances within the week, and the rest competes for her remaining attention. She also advocates bulk deleting what has accumulated by the end of the week (2m18s)

Questions Answered

Episode: "Hypothesis: Stories About Having A Question That Needs Answering" | Podcast: The Story Collider | 36m00s

Personal storytelling show about science. Each episode is themed, this one focusing on stories where the teller had a hypothesis that was tested by events. There are two speakers here, each with a very different take on this. The first is a children's science educator, who describes how she took her students through the process of testing a theory when they became convinced that fire is a living being. The second is a science writer who tests the limits of his insect phobia while covering an event where bugs are served as food (36m00s)

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