From boxing to squid

Plus: an extraordinary family secret

Knock Out

Episode: "Seconds Out, Round One" | Podcast: Boxing Clever | 31m24s

Detailed conversation about the boxing scene in Norfolk, a rural county in eastern England. The guests here are a trainer and a former British lightweight champion, both of whom worked in the sport in the area this show covers. There are two subjects covered here that appealed particularly: the reverence boxers have for the east London venue York Hall, and the philosophical approach to pre-bout nerves described. "You just have to do the best you can do there and then, and tomorrow we'll all be laughing about it" (31m24s)

Displaced People

Episode: "Hadley Freeman's 18-Year Search To Uncover Her Family's Secrets" | Podcast: Today In Focus | 29m49s

Writer explains how she spent 18 years researching what happened to her Jewish relatives during the Second World War. Her great uncles had hair-raising adventures: escaping from trains bound for camps, hiding in piles of manure, outwitting Nazi guards, and — later — befriending Pablo Picasso in Paris. Her extraordinary grandmother, however, was conned by her own brothers into marrying an American in 1937, and she lived out a relatively safe, if frustrated, life on the other side of the Atlantic (29m49s)

Kraken Awakes

Episode: "Deep Sea Creature Features" | Podcast: Because You Watched | 30m55s

Podcast where the guests use the highly specific categories created by streaming platforms like Netflix to pitch new ideas for films. The theme for this episode is undersea monsters. Amid plenty of sweary back and forth, they end up making the case for rebooting JAWS and explore the possibilities of human-fish romance in a film called "Love At First Bite". Best of all, they map out a sustainable energy dystopian franchise called "Sea Power", where squid imprisoned in the Thames are used to power the national grid (30m55s)

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