From cat to Rune

Plus: the basics of Runology

At Sea

Episode: "The Rowing Man" | Podcast: UnFictional | 42m11s

Moving story about failure and finding friends. In 1984, Ove Joensen set out to row from his birthplace, the Faroe Islands, to Copenhagen in Denmark. It's a journey of 1,700 km across the North Atlantic Ocean, which he planned to do completely alone (or rather, with only the company of his black and white cat, Jessica). When bad weather forced him to abandon this first attempt near the Shetland Islands, he was adopted by a remote village. There is wonderful sound design in this piece – listen out for the accents especially (42m11s)

Jump Scare

Episode: "Italian Angel — Listener Stories" | Podcast: A Funny Feeling | 82m56s

Paranormal podcast that has adapted to the pandemic by shifting from celebrity interviews to listener submitted stories. It's a change for the better, because the show now reflects the full gamut of unbelievable weirdness experienced by its audience rather than relying on comedians with stories punched up for broadcast. The hosts of this show will either completely charm you or completely irritate you, but if it's the former then this episode about spooky teenage seances and shadow people is an excellent place to start (82m56s)

Rune Reading

Episode: "Basics Of Runology And The Origins Of Runic Writing" | Podcast: The Rune Cast | 43m27s

Opening episode of a Swedish academic podcast about runology. This beginning provides an excellent primer for this small (and somewhat disputed) field of study. The host explains what runes are, when they were used, and by whom. The guest brings a personal favourite runic inscription to discuss — the Krogsta stone, which dates from the sixth century and is famous for its indecipherable inscription. Ideal show for anyone who has ever wondered what the difference between transliteration and transcription is (43m27s)

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