From cows to hats

Plus: an inspiring personal story

Milking Time

Episode: "Shorts: The Herdsman" | Podcast: Farmerama | 9m52s

Reading of a personal story about a herdsman, Charles, who used to work at an extremely intensive dairy farm. This place managed over 1,500 cows and exploited every possible angle to increase efficiency and yield, often at the expense of the mental health of the people who work there and the welfare of the animals. Charles now works at an ethical dairy, where a good working environment for humans and animals is prioritised above profit. The cows prefer it when he wears a green jumper to milk them, so he puts it on every day (9m52s)

Long Haul

Episode: "The Power Of Small Choices Across Decades: The Sgt. John Monk Story" | Podcast: Deviate With Rolf Potts | 60m50s

Well told story of how one man navigated the racism of early 20th century America. John Monk grew up in Louisiana under the Jim Crow laws, served bravely in the military during WW2, and then still faced discrimination when he returned to the US. But he always believed life was about "chess not checkers", and that he could play a long game to improve life for his children and grandchildren. His interview here is supplemented by discussion with his granddaughter, who confirms the success of his strategy (60m50s)

Centre Stage

Episode: "We Are Live! From Tomorrow" | Podcast: Live! From Tomorrow | 49m27s

Semi autobiographical comic musical about being a tech entrepreneur. Protagonist Matt Hooper has quit his job at an investment bank to launch a startup that produces a musical variety show called Live From Tomorrow. He starts out as just an annoying guy who won't stop singing in a top hat in a coffee shop, but soon attracts interest from some shadowy investors who think that a singing tech evangelist might be just what they need. Light, silly and very enjoyable, with plenty of Broadway in jokes for the musical theatre fan (49m27s)

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