From Labradoodles to wild asparagus

Plus: the Spanish Inquisition

Dog Days

Episode: "The Labradoodle Of Regret" | Podcast: Sum Of All Parts | 25m18s

Australian storytelling show about numbers. This episode is about dog breeding and the phenomenon of "designer dogs", where unlikely types of dog are crossed to create new and fashionable strains. By far the most popular of these is the labradoodle, created by breeding a labrador and a poodle. But the man who first did this now regrets it enormously — he was trying to create a hypoallergenic guide dog for someone, but by attaching a cute name he triggered a world wide breeding trend that has harmed dogs' health (25m18s)

Rotten Roots

Episode: "Sweet Like Snap Peas" | Podcast: Here Be Monsters | 12m38s

"I'm a big plants fan," Ryan, the interviewee on this episode declares. He and the host are walking around Clinton Cemetery in Idaho, looking at headstones from  a hundred years ago. Most of them are overgrown, and the audio cleverly evokes this for the listener, with plenty of swishing grass and crunching stems left in the mix. This is a show about "the unknown", though, and the eerie aspect here is the tasty harvest Ryan gets from the graveyard. Wild asparagus grows on the graves, and he says it tastes better than any other (12m38s)

Fact Check

Episode: "The Spanish Inquisition" | Podcast: Citation Needed | 39m04s

Slightly cheesy conversational podcast about the fact-less state of the modern internet. The three hosts read the Wikipedia entry for a particular topic — this episode is about the Spanish Inquisition, but they range widely through the series — and then discourse on it as if they are experts. They deliberately do no other proper research, because as their tagline puts it, "this is the internet and that's how it works now". A small exception was made for this subject, with one host rewatching Monty Python sketches to prepare (39m04s)

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