From drama to Cuba

Plus: how to use up wool

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Origin Story

Episode: "An American Family" | Podcast: Spectacle: An Unscripted History of Reality TV | 43m05s

Pop culture history series about the origins of American reality television. In depth analysis of the antics of Lisa Vanderpump and Kim Kardashian are promised for later episodes, but this first instalment takes listeners back to the 1970s and a show that arguably began it all: An American Family. Produced as a documentary in 1973, it was billed as a chronicle of one Californian family's daily life. It became salacious when the parents' marriage broke down and when they accused producers of selective editing to bring out the drama (43m05s)

Island Paradise

Episode: "Cuba: A Vintage Playground" | Podcast: Teikirisi | 38m29s

Clever conversational podcast about Cuban-American culture and history. This one is the best yet and explores a myth often repeated by prospective visitors to the island: "I want to go to Cuba before it changes." Tourists love the vintage cars, the period architecture and the kitschy keepsakes, but they rarely think about what this sentiment means — wanting a place to stay stuck in the past means that its inhabitants don't get to access things the travellers take for granted at home, like high speed internet or new phones (38m29s)

Bonus pick: Crime fiction is incredibly popular today, with millions of books sold every year. But have you ever wondered what the first "whodunnit" was? Listener editor Caroline Crampton goes all the way back to Ancient Greece to find the answer in her latest podcast episode. Listen to Shedunnit now at or in your podcast app.

Left Over

Episode: "Stash-Busting Tips" | Podcast: We've Made It | 42m11s

Crafting podcast talks through strategies for keeping your hoard of supplies under control. Anyone who has started a hobby like knitting or sewing recently will know how quickly the stash of wool or fabric grows as different projects leave left overs. To maximise limited storage space in the home and to minimise your crafting's environmental impact — producing fabric, for instance, uses a lot of resources – the hosts advocate choosing designs that use up every piece wherever possible before starting something with new materials (42m11s)

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