From music to suits

Plus: theme park food

Dreaming Away

Episode: "May 26, 2020" | Podcast: Lavender Menace | 119m58s

Two hour episode of a music radio programme from an independent station in Calgary, Canada. The show focuses on women and non-binary artists but is genre agnostic, skipping between world music, smooth jazz, indie and more. The host introduces the songs but the overwhelming impression is of a dreamy summer afternoon with the radio playing through an open window. This station broadcasts from an indigenous cultural centre and refreshingly foregrounds the First Nations traditions and people involved in its production (119m58s)

Get Dressed

Episode: "Suits: Articles Of Interest #10" | Podcast: 99% Invisible | 32m25s

Absorbing look at the history of the suit. It comes from Articles of Interest, a mini series hosted within the well known design podcast 99% Invisible, and is one of six recent interlocking episodes about luxury in fashion. This episode covers a lot of ground: from the "Great Masculine Renunciation" of flamboyant clothing kicked off by 18th century British dandy Beau Brummell to the tiny details in modern suiting that separate exemplary tailoring from the mere ordinary. It also looks at the intersection of menswear and masculinity (32m25s)

Eat Up

Episode: "Theme Park Food And Storytelling" | Podcast: Those Happy Places | 51m42s

Conversation about the "symbiotic and oddly iconic" relationship between theme parks and the food they serve, from a podcast that subjects these attractions to serious critical analysis. Those — like me — who don't frequent these places will listen wide eyed at the artistry and investment that goes into designing these culinary experiences. Of particular interest: how the enormous turkey legs served by Disney became a social media sensation, and how a fictional drink from Harry Potter was made real for park consumption (51m42s)

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