From Lebanon to Tokyo

Plus: Hawaiian explorers

Road Trip

Episode: "Lebanon, USA" | Podcast: Kerning Cultures | 26m29s

Heartwarming story of a road trip undertaken in 2016 by a Lebanese photographer visiting all 47 towns in America called "Lebanon". During this journey, Donald Trump won the presidential election, and so his travels in small town America gained a new significance as he went. In Lebanon, South Dakota, he discovered that the cedar tree proudly pointed out to him as a gift from his own country in 1955 was not, in fact, a cedar — a mystery that the podcast then goes on to solve. You can see his pictures at (26m29s)

Non Stop

Episode: "Flight 008: Dido's Lament: Seat 14C" | Podcast: Dust | 24m35s

Science fiction series about a non-stop flight from Tokyo to San Francisco that somehow takes off in the present day but lands in the year 2040. Each episode tells the subsequent story of a passenger in a particular seat. Evelyn is an app developer who was in Japan for work making a big pitch to save her company. In 2020 when her flight took off, her partner was in the beginning stages of early onset Alzheimer's and they were facing less than a decade left together, as her memories disappeared. It's a nailbiting, emotional ride (24m35s)

World Wide

Episode: "Hawaiian Exploration Of The World" | Podcast: Time To Eat The Dogs | 32m13s

Exploration history podcast looks at how indigenous Hawaiians — the Kanaka Maoli — mapped their world. "The desire to know was a Hawaiian desire," the expert interviewed here says. He draws a straight line from the trans Pacific canoe journeys that kept Hawaiians in touch with Samoa, Tonga and other islands pre colonisation to the travel undertaken by individuals after European contact was made in the eighteenth century by Cook. There's discussion of the wider Polynesian context to these long sea voyages too (32m13s)

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