Family Ghosts

The Disappearing Grandmother

Episode: ”The Family Jewels” | Podcast: Family Ghosts | 50m53s

Lots  of families have secrets, often passed down the generations but never  resolved. This podcast attempts to solve those mysteries. In this  episode, host Sam Dingman tries to track down his vanishing grandmother,  who walked into his grandfather’s life one day in 1961 and then  disappeared again completely two years later leaving her husband and  children behind (50m53s)

Across The Sea

Episode: ”Otherworld Islands In Folk Tradition” | Podcast: Blúiríní Béaloidis | 72m59s

Bewitching,  soothing podcast about Irish folklore. It’s told bilingually, partly in  English and partly in the Irish language, with plenty of music and  poetry woven through. This episode deals with the recurring idea of  “otherworld islands” in Norse and Celtic legends, where souls travel  after death and happiness lasts for ever (72m59s)

Fill Your Bowl

Episode: ”Four” | Podcast: The Empty Bowl | 25m55s

Two  men review breakfast cereals over a meditative soundscape of crashing  waves. This episode is devoted to a breakfast treat called “sugar cookie  toast crunch”, which although sickly-sounding, is apparently hugely  popular among cereal aficionados (25m55s)

Risotto On Air

Episode: ”Frances McDormand and Risotto” | Podcast: Cooking By Ear | 52m11s

Surprisingly  successful audio-only cooking show, in which a guest makes a cherished  recipe on air while being interviewed by the hosts. Frances McDormand is  as compelling when describing how she chops onions as she is talking  about how she prepared for roles such as Marge Gunderson in Fargo (52m11s)

A Test of Memory

Episode: ”Lisa Brennan-Jobs” | Podcast: Longform | 77m10s

Steve  Jobs’s daughter Lisa is open and frank about the process of writing her  recent memoir, which included several headline-grabbing stories about  the Apple CEO. The interviewer skilfully draws her out on how she  selected which memories of her father to share, and which to keep  private (77m10s)

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