From Goop to pottery

Plus: a trip to Dr Evil's lair

Heal Me

Episode: "Green Eggs And Scams" | Podcast: The Dream | 34m57s

Investigative podcast takes on the world of wellness, which is riddled with fact-free health claims and pseudo science. The whole series is worth a listen, but this episode stood out for its take down of the new generation of alternative health influencers ushered in by Gwyneth Paltrow's "Goop" brand. Brace yourself for the full debunking of jade eggs and cosmic crystals, and analysis of why people still fork out for these things in spite of everything. There are a few swears in this episode, all of them from Paltrow's quotes, oddly (34m57s)

Wheel Spins

Episode: "Annie Mitchell" | Podcast: The Antiques Show — Downunder | 3m42s

Quick and efficient primer on the early twentieth century Australian ceramicist Annie Mitchell. She was a pioneer of the "hand built" style of pottery, in which layers of clay are added to the work without the use of a wheel to create asymmetrical, distinctive designs. Mitchell in particular used this technique to imitate nature, adding petals, leaves and seeds to her colourfully glazed pieces. She founded her own school, built a massive kiln and taught hundreds of aspiring artists until her death in 1961. Her work is now very valuable (3m42s)

Laser Beams

Episode: "Dr. Evil On Social Distancing And Handwashing During COVID-19" | Podcast: Funny People Talking | 10m29s

Improvised comedy podcast interviews an impressionist who is inhabiting the character of "Dr Evil" from the 1997 film Austin Powers. His response to the coronavirus outbreak is matter of fact, since being quarantined is very similar to his normal life. "I've always worked from my underground lair. . . I'm very close with my evil family," he says. As an evil doctor — who spent 12 years at evil medical school — he's slightly regretful that he didn't invent the virus himself. Silly but enjoyable pop culture parody (10m29s)

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