From Hamlet to vampires

Plus: serious clowns on TV

On Stage

Episode: "Hamlet's 'Advice To The Players' With Randall Duk Kim And Annie Occhiogrosso" | Podcast: The Working Actor's Journey | 22m08s

Practical advice podcast in which experienced actors share their wisdom with the next generation in their industry. This is a short episode, extracted from a longer conversation elsewhere on the feed. It focuses in on a particular text: the monologue from Hamlet in which the hero gives advice to the actors he has hired. "Let your own discretion be your tutor," he says, and the experts here speak to the necessity for actors to hone their own sense of discretion — an instinct and judgement to what each moment of a play needs (22m08s)

Dark Shadow

Episode: "Deep And Twisted Roots" | Podcast: Lore | 30m01s

Spooky retelling of the folklore surrounding vampirism. The fear of the dead rising has historic connections to the misunderstanding of real illnesses, the host argues, as well as being a way of characterising and demonising outsiders. Or, perhaps it was all real? "Maybe something evil and contagious has survived for centuries after all, spreading across borders and oceans. It’s certainly left a trail of horrific events in its wake, and its influenced countless tales and superstitions, all of which seem to point to a real-life cause" (30m01s)

Bonus pick: What do crosswords and crime fiction have in common? A surprising amount, it turns out. Find out more on the new podcast episode from Listener editor Caroline Crampton now. Listen to Shedunnit now at or in your podcast app. Browser subscribers can also take part in the weekly crossword there.

Clowning Around

Episode: "Nick Walker / Daytime Snaps / @daytimesnaps" | Podcast: Show This Thread | 27m48s

Sadly short lived series of interviews with people who run unexpectedly popular Twitter accounts. This one is with the TV enthusiast who shares out of context screenshots from the surreal world of British day time television. The weirdest moment he's captured? "They had two professional clowns on the sofa having a very serious discussion and the topic was about the new IT movie and how it might ruin their careers — they were very stern looking clowns, thinking about their livelihood, but they were still dressed as clowns" (27m48s)

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