From hands to phones

Plus: ghost towns of the world

Fist Bump

Episode: "Black Voices in Healthcare: Touch" | Podcast: The Nocturnists | 31m47s

Healthcare podcast explores what is lost in the medical sphere now that physical contact must be minimised to lower virus transmission. "Our hands are the tools that we use to understand what's going on," the host says. There are stories here about hands as diagnostic instruments as well as about how practitioners are finding new ways to form connections with patients without handshakes. This episode is part of a mini series within the show looking specifically at black experiences; the first story here is especially moving (31m47s)

Ghost Town

Episode: "Abandoned Cities" | Podcast: Special Collections | 48m34s

Trivia and debate about the world's abandoned places, from a podcast that usually focuses on audio tours of museums and galleries. This episode is a break in format for this show — which is first broadcast on a radio station run by Brigham Young University in Utah — and sees producers bring their favourite stories of abandoned, desolate or anomalous places in to the studio to share with the host. Pompeii and Chernobyl feature, but so do some unusual legal loopholes about national parks. Varied and rich in surprising detail (48m34s)

Log On

Episode: "24 To Knives Out — Do Apple iPhones Spoil TV And Movies?" | Podcast: Wild Wild Tech | 33m41s

Tech podcast delves into how Apple has been intervening in pop culture morality. Director Rian Johnson revealed the truth of this during the press tour for his recent murder mystery film Knives Out: the tech giant will not allow one of their devices to appear in the hands of a fictional villain, meaning that you should always be able to work out if someone is the bad guy in a film just by looking at their phone. It results in strange anomalies: as one guest points out here, movie terrorists always seem to use Dell computers (33m41s)

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