From LA to Africa

Plus: a lost novelist

Chick Lit

Episode: "Marsha Gordon, “Narrating Modern Women’s Experiences: The Complex Legacy Of Ursula Parrott”" | Podcast: Discovery & Inspiration | 20m20s

Swift primer on the work of Jazz Age novelist Ursula Parrott. She was a bestseller in her day, with her writing bringing in millions of dollars and film adaptations winning Academy Awards. Yet she died poor and her work has languished in obscurity since. The biographer interviewed here gives some context for how and why her work disappeared from view, as well as dissecting the contradictory elements of Parrott's work — she wrote about female independence, but she also held conservative views about gender (20m20s)

Hope Springs

Episode: "Covid In Africa Episode 14" | Podcast: Sound Africa | 28m25s

Anthology feed showcasing audio non fiction from across Africa. This is the final episode of an excellent series about Covid 19 and how it has affected different countries. There are lots of stories covered here, including shocking revelations about large scale fraud with pandemic relief funds in South Africa and Nigeria and some optimistic news about progress in one of Kenya's biggest slums. At the end, the host takes listeners behind the scenes and describes how the show has been made under lockdown conditions (28m25s)

Order Order

Episode: "The Case Of The Missing Sprinkles" | Podcast: Welcome to LA | 27m03s

Beautifully made series about the forgotten histories of Los Angeles. Start with any episode, but this one is especially good, with the host retracing his steps in his first job when moving to the city. He worked as a researcher for a court-based reality TV show, haunting lower tier courts for petty yet juicy disputes that would make good entertainment. It was a cutthroat world, with different shows competing and bribes changing hands. But it all started with a bored game show producer and one ridiculous, outlandish case (27m03s)

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