From quarantine to psychology

Plus: John Lennon but backwards

Flip Reverse

Episode: "Tranquillusionist: Nmiigea" | Podcast: The Allusionist | 3m37

Calming performance of the lyrics from John Lennon's classic 1971 song "Imagine". The words are uttered in reverse alphabetical order, creating a soporific nonsense poem that still somehow retains a shadow of the original because of how well known Lennon's version is. The reading is expressive and beautifully edited, with words soothingly panning across from ear to ear (best appreciated with decent headphones or speakers). The music is based on the song too, putting the original chords in alphabetical order (3m37)

Attitude Change

Episode: "How To Let Go Of The Old And Bring In The New" | Podcast: The Next Big Idea | 45m36s

Exploration of human habit forming. The main guest, social psychologist Wendy Wood, explains that until recently the majority of study in this area focused on behaviour around the adoption of a new habit — such as exercising more or eating more vegetables — and didn't necessarily check in after time had past to see what makes something stick. She talks about the influence of repetitive practices and friction on how habits are made, using examples like daily writing rituals and quit smoking programmes (45m36s)

Checking In

Episode: "How Is Everyone?" | Podcast: Here For You | 21m31s

First episode of a new conversational daily podcast covering self care and social connection during coronavirus quarantine. The hosts talk about their own experiences with working from home and doing childcare with a lighthearted, cheerful tone that makes a welcome contrast with news coverage of the same topics. They also discussion ideas of creativity during confinement, in particular dissecting the pressure to produce amazing work while stuck at home, even though anxiety levels are high and distractions plentiful (21m31s)

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