Ong's Hat

What Is Ong’s Hat?

The Incunabula Papers | Decoder Ring

Ong’s  Hat is an early internet-driven conspiracy theory named after a ghost  town in New Jersey. It is said to have begun as an 1980s experiment into  how easily a story could be spread online, and eventually expanded to  encompass elements of physics, speculative science, mysticism, radical  politics and inter-dimensional travel. Slate TV critic Willa  Paskin investigates, interviewing obsessives and participants to create a  compelling version of a very strange story (53m19s)

The Sonic Landscape Of Video Games

Xbox Startup Sound | Twenty Thousand Hertz

Podcast  about the world’s most “recognisable and interesting sounds”, and the  people who design and make them. This episode scrutinises the sound  emitted by an Xbox video-gaming console when it boots up — a swhooshing  rush initially intended to keep gamers entertained while the machine  warmed up, which morphed into the audio equivalent of a logo and became  an intrinsic part of the Xbox’s appeal to fans (24m38s)

How To Win Your Favourite Game Show

Fastest Fingers First | The Modern Mann

Jovial,  fast-paced  — and PG-13 — magazine podcast with various segments  touching on various topics in music, politics, campaigns, and lifestyle.  Highlight of this edition is a section on TV game shows and the people  obsessed with appearing on them (skip to it here, at 15:19). Veterans of Pointless, Eggheads, Countdown, Mastermind, The Chase and plenty of others share insider knowledge about tactics, psychology and the constant lure of the next perfect score (67m22s)

The Limits Of Philosophy

About Time | Guardian Audio Long Reads

Audio  version of a feature article written by the philosopher Julian Baggini,  arguing that we should reach beyond the Western philosophical canon to  discover new and sometimes better ways of thinking about life and the  world. He shows how conceptions of time, notably, differ across cultures  and traditions: time is linear in Western thought, cyclical in many  other cultures. The audio format is perfect for avoiding distractions  and focusing on the argument (23m26s)

So Foul And Fair A Day

Sleep No More | Almost Tangible: Macbeth

First part of an audio adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth,  recorded on location in Scotland at Glamis Castle with a full cast.  Worth putting on a decent pair of headphones, because this has been  recorded in astonishingly high-quality, bi-aural sound which distributes  the soundscape and dialogue spatially around the listener; it feels at  all times as though you are immersed in the action, hearing the battle  unfold around you and the witches whispering in your ear (35m20s)

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