From pho to witches

Plus: a fake German socialite

Forever Yum

Episode: "Pho" | Podcast: Second Wave | 18m53s

Personal stories of Vietnamese life in America, beyond the stereotypes and the hangovers from the Vietnam War. This episode is about food, specifically pho, which the host describes as "the definitive Vietnamese noodle soup". Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, this dish marked her family out as different. When her parents wanted to start their own restaurant, they had to learn to cook Thai food because that's the Asian cuisine Americans wanted — then. Now pho is extremely trendy, which brings its own set of problems (18m53s)

Double Bubble

Episode: "Maxine Sanders: The British Witch On Spells, Surviving Persecution And Sex Magic" | Podcast: The Last Bohemians | 53m29s

Audio portrait series of fearless, maverick women (with some explicit content). Here the listener is introduced to Maxine Sanders, a prominent figure in the resurgence of British witchcraft in the 1960s. She and her husband became regular tabloid fodder in the 1970s as the media covered their coven and rituals. In this interview, she delivers a stream of astonishing information in a completely matter of fact voice. She performed astral projection as a child, she has seen witches levitate, and once manifested herself a colour TV (53m29s)

Catch Me

Episode: "Ep 1" | Podcast: Fake Heiress | 27m22

Six part series unfolding the story of Anna Delvey, a multimillionaire socialite and German heiress who turned out to be a complete fraud invented by a Russian fraudster. It was a fairly well covered case — in 2019 the perpetrator Anna Sorokin was convicted on multiple counts in a New York court — but this version is a collaboration between an investigative reporter and a playwright. It weaves drama through the retelling of the case, making it an entertaining listen even if you already know the facts of this bizarre story (27m22)

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