From pickles to Yiddish

Plus: a microeconomy

Full Glass

Episode: "Natural Wineberg" | Podcast: Richard's Famous Food Podcast | 24m43s

Not easily described. This podcast is a cross between a conventional food documentary — this episode is about the recent surge in popularity of "natural wine" — and a surreal animated series like Adventure Time or Rick and Morty. It's hosted by a pickle with a moustache (the Richard of the title) and his nephew. Naturally, they are on a quest to make a podcast without enraging the "Pod God" or the "Podcast Police". It's a zany concept that works because of the impeccable sound design and the atmosphere it creates (24m43s)

Start Over

Episode: "Deborah Feldman: Rejecting My Hasidic Roots" | Podcast: Conversations | 50m54s

Interview with a former member of the Hasidic Satmar group, an ultra-orthodox Jewish sect in Brooklyn, New York. Her memoir about this life inspired the recent Netflix series Unorthodox. She grew up with a strict dress code, spoke Yiddish all the time, and was not permitted to study for a career. At 17 she entered an arranged marriage and had her son at 19. At 23, she cut all ties with her family and left with her child to live in Berlin, a place that this post-WW2 sect had taught her to view as the epicentre of evil (50m54s)

Local Hero

Episode: "An Economy Like Water" | Podcast: Zip Code Economies | 21m06s

Reflective show about microeconomics made by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. This episode comes towards the end of the series and is focused on San Diego. It's a place, the host argues, where the local economy created the community, not the other way around. But there are people living in the region who are determined to mould the disparate groups drawn there for work into a cohesive society and solve issues of inequality in housing and access along the way. Hopeful and somewhat inspiring (21m06s)

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