From gifts to tears

Plus: new Greek myths

Present Time

Episode: "Christmas Gift Recommendations!" | Podcast: Play Is The Thing | 8m41s

Podcast about play hosted by a developmental paediatrician. The interviews in the series are informative, covering topics from neurodiversity to screen time and are always anchored in how playing games of all kinds informs wellbeing. This episode is a break from the usual format, however, and features many previous guests offering recommendations of games that are actually good to give as gifts (and won't end up played once and then forgotten. Many of them suit people of all ages and can be played alone or in a group (8m41s)

Homer Nods

Episode: "Lost Books Of The Odyssey" | Podcast: Make-Believe | 60m35s

Live performances of short works inspired by literature and lore. In this one, the company presents five "riffs" on Homer's Odyssey, imagining other incidents that might have happened to hero Odysseus on his way home from the Trojan wars. The combination of real time theatrical performance and deft sound design in this show is brilliant. Although recorded in 2019, it's ideally suited to this year. The intimacy of having the performers in your headphones is a good stand in for attending the theatre in person (60m35s)

Forced Migration

Episode: "The Dispossession Of Native Americans" | Podcast: History Extra | 43m44s

Interview with a researcher of Native American history. The conversation focuses particularly on the nineteenth century state-backed removal of indigenous peoples from their lands that was instituted by President Andrew Jackson in 1830 and set off the forced migration to the west often referred to today as the Trail of Tears. The expert is articulate and detailed in his responses, encompassing the nuance of the subject matter while remaining direct in tone. As an entry point into this period of history, this is excellent (43m44s)

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