From sonnets to families

Plus: the thyroid gland

Thorn Edged

Episode: "Michael Longley Reads A Sonnet For Michael Viney" | Podcast: Words Lightly Spoken | 2m53s

Podcast of poetry from Ireland, read by poets. This episode features Michael Longley, who is originally from Northern Ireland has spent decades writing about County Mayo in the Republic. The sonnet he reads here is about his neighbour, the naturalist Michael Viney, and all that Longley has learned to see in the world as a result of their friendship. The short introductions that each poet gives to their work in this series are often the best part — there's no substitute for hearing a writer explain how and why something was written (2m53s)

Family Time

Episode: "Escape From the Nuclear Family: Covid-19 Should Provoke A Re-Think Of How We Live"" | Podcast: Intercepted with Jeremy Scahill | 82m38s

Activist and author Naomi Klein guest hosts this political podcast to investigate the likely impact of Covid-19 pandemic on American ideas of the family. The idea is examined here at length from lots of different angles, but it all comes down to this: how will future requirements to isolate change the concept of a "household"? The most engaging section of this episode involves Klein going to visit a long term multi-family compound in Oakland, California, where the inhabitants have already reimagined what it means to live together (82m38s)

Glandular Level

Episode: "The Thyroid" | Podcast: My Amazing Body | 22m08s

Heath series from the government of the state of Queensland in Australia. Each episode takes a different aspect of how we think about bodies — there are instalments about gender, pain, ears, veins — and breaks down the scientific background. Here, the area under the microscope is the thyroid gland. The show fits a lot of information into a short package, interviewing experts and patients with thyroid disorders as well as providing a primer on conditions like Hashimoto's disease and Graves. Informative without being alarmist (22m08s)

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