Porridge, Porcelain, Joan

Top Five

Episode: “Top 5 British sitcoms of the 1970s” | Podcast: List Envy | 64m19s

Loose, conversational podcast where the host and his guest attempt to come up with a definitive top five in any given category. In this edition, they’re talking about British sitcoms from the 1970s, an incredibly fertile decade for British television comedy. They talk about everything from To The Manor Born (a personal favourite of mine) to Fawlty Towers, via Porridge, The Good Life, Dad’s Army, Steptoe and Son and more. There’s a decent amount of exposition included for those who aren’t familiar with all the shows, but also enough depth to interest the aficionado (64m19s)

Smashing Plates

Episode: “Peter Ting on Blanc de Chine" | Podcast: Material Matters with Grant Gibson | 49m19s

Interview podcast focused on artists that uses a favoured material as the way into a more general conversation about their life and work. The guest here is Peter Ting, a ceramicist who has worked both on individual art pieces but also designed lines for major mass production lines. His chosen material is blanc de chine, a kind of white Chinese porcelain originating in Dehua, China. With this hook, Ting talks about his dual upbringing in Hong Kong and an English boarding school, and how using this clay connects him to his Chinese heritage while working in the UK (49m19s)

Funny Lady

Episode: “Joan Rivers" | Podcast: A Life Lived | 47m14s

Celebrity biography series looks at the life of Joan Rivers, “a conquistador of comedy” who broke new ground in entertainment at a time when women were far more likely to be housewives than comedians. The actual story of Rivers’s career might be familiar to most, at least in part, but what elevates this episode beyond a standard biopic is the interviews with her close friends. They are able to give details about the less visible aspects of Rivers’s life, like her extreme personal work ethic and passionate support for gay rights (47m14s)

In the latest episode of award winning British comedy podcast Beef And Dairy Network, Parks and Recreation star Nick Offerman plays Tusk Henderson, celebrity adventurer and outdoorsman.

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