From slavery to Wall St

Plus: how to collect film props

Mug Shot

Episode: "Have You Seen This Man?" | Podcast: Search History | 28m25s

Series that explores the intersection of internet culture, education and the ways misinformation can spread. This episode is about an eighteenth century campaigner for the abolition of slavery and how a portrait alleged to depict him became the default image for illustrating stories about Black people from British history. Olaudah Equiano was enslaved as a child and taken to the Caribbean, where he managed to purchase his freedom as a young adult. Here, the host tells the story of how his image became ubiquitous as a symbol (28m25s)

Big Short

Episode: "Short-Selling For The Common Good" | Podcast: What Does It Profit | 27m17s

Interview with a high profile hedge fund manager who deploys short selling strategies both to make money and to participate in the demise of companies that she considers do not add to the net good of society. Those who have seen the 2018 Netflix documentary Dirty Money might be familiar with Fahmi Quadir — she's outspoken and optimistic, particularly about the idea that her profession can be a force for good rather than evil. Thought provoking on ideas of ethical capitalism and consumption (27m17s)

Prop Master

Episode: "The Hunt" | Podcast: The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of | 60m46s

Extremely nerdy show about collecting film props. The hosts are both career Hollywood types: David Mandel was the showrunner of Veep and a writer on Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm, while Ryan Condal is working on the Game of Thrones prequel. Given that background, they are able to indulge their passion for this hobby to the full. This first conversation in the series is about the thrill of the chase: how the dedicated collector must essentially become a private investigator in order to track down the prize (60m46s)

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