From print to sleep

Plus: Bedtime stories

Blood Stain

Episode: "Junk Forensic Science" | Podcast: Justice In America | 66m01s

Exposé of unjust forensic science practices in the American legal system. Not only are a lot of the techniques portrayed on TV — like blood spatter and fingerprint analysis — not nearly as accurate or reliable as people believe, but the way forensic investigation is funded encourages bias. Some labs only receive payment for tests when they help secure a conviction, for instance. The hosts also dig into the issue of "expert" witnesses, who can rack up hours of court time and sway juries with little scientific basis for their statements (66m01s)

Vamp It

Episode: "Switched Off Book The Improvised Musical (With Jess McKenna and Zach Reino)" | Podcast: Switched On Pop | 91m41s

There should be more podcast crossovers. This is a mashup between a show that creates improvised musicals and a show that analyses pop music. What they make together is very meta and will delight fans of musical theatre, with the improvisers putting together songs on the fly while their admiring audience of musicologists deconstructs what they are doing. The result is a fairly plausible and musical about making a musical, which is also pretty funny. While the singing is excellent, it's the backing musicians who are the real stars (91m41s)

Night Night

Episode: "Old Houses" | Podcast: Nothing Much happens; Bedtime Stories To Help You Sleep | 28m33s

Softly spoken stories to help you fall asleep, with an emphasis on cosy descriptions and meandering, never-ending sentences. This one is about wandering an old house, with every feature explained in lots of somnolent detail. This is quite a crowded podcast genre these days, but this show stands out because of the quality of the writing — it is deliberately wordy and meandering, of course, but if you actually listen to the phrasing it's very well done. As well as for sleep, an excellent soundtrack for deep concentration (28m33s)

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