From puffins to dinosaurs

Plus: a hostage situation

Fish Course

Episode: "Puffarazzi 2019 | Podcast: Nature's Voice | 15m37s

Delightful dissection of a multi-year public engagement and research project run by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds in the UK. The charity asked birdwatchers to take as many photographs as possible of puffins carrying fish in their beaks and send them so that seabird conservationists could analyse the birds' diet. The researchers interviewed here explain the process they used to identify the different fish in the pictures and how this information helps the conservation effort for this endangered species (15m37s)

Hostage Situation

Episode: "The Manila Hostage Massacre (2010)" | Podcast: Stories After Dark | 43m30s

Engrossing retelling of a hostage crisis that took place in the Rizal Park area of Manila in 2010. This is the place where presidential inaugurations are often held. As a result, it's a popular destination for visitors to the city. A former police captain hijacked a bus full of tourists from Hong Kong as a way of forcing the authorities to negotiate with him over what he claimed had been an unfair dismissal. Poor handling of the situation resulted in multiple deaths — there is some graphic language here (43m30s)

Fossil Record

Episode: "11 Trivia Questions On Dinosaurs" | Podcast: Trivia With Budds | 7m59s

Fast talking trivia podcast that you can play along with at home. The questions are usually multiple choice, which makes it less frustrating to play as a group, and there are over 1,000 episodes to choose from. This one is about dinosaurs and tests contestants' knowledge of common myths and misconceptions about Brontesaurus and the rest. Quizzes emerged as a stable of remote gatherings during the initial Covid-19 lockdown earlier this year, this show is a good option when hosting and lacking time to write questions (7m59s)

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