Rainy Days

Rainy Days

Episode: ”Whatever Happened to Acid Rain?” | Podcast: Distillations | 32m16s

Acid  rain, once a much-feared consequence of pollution and climate change,  has mostly been eradicated. The story of how this political and  scientific progress came about is complicated and obscure, with  involvement from six American presidents and the Pope. This podcast  tells it clearly and concisely, combining the scientific discussion with  archive material (32m16s)

Life On A Livestream

Episode: ”Filmmaker Hao Wu and Loretta Chao on streaming culture in China” | Podcast: Recode Media | 43m17s

The  practice of livestreaming whole portions of a day has created a new  class of celebrity in China. These people are emotionally and  financially dependent on their thousands of fans, and are locked in a  competitive battle to attract new followers. The documentary maker Hao  Wu has made a film about this phenomenon. Here, he explains the societal  shift he was trying to capture and why he thinks it is deeply dystopian  (43m17s)

Paint A Picture

Episode: ”John Singleton Copley's Portrait of Samuel Adams (1772)” | Podcast: The Lonely Palette | 15m14s

Brief  but beautifully produced podcast episode looking at the history and  context of a single painting in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. The  host collects off the cuff impressions from other gallery goers before  bringing her own expertise to bear. The result is a intense, focused and  approachable discussion of art, power and propaganda  (15m14s)

Meat Is Murder

Episode: “Will We Ever Stop Eating Animal Meat?” | Podcast: Crazy/Genius | 26m50s

Narratively  reported exploration of the case against eating animal flesh. Both the  moral and the ecological arguments against consuming meat are  considered, before alternative protein sources such as insects and lab  grown substitutes are explored and tasted. A comprehensive and  informative study of an evolving topic (26m50s)

The Two Week Wait

Episode: “The TWW episode” | Podcast: Big Fat Negative | 49m24s

Podcast  about infertility and IVF, featuring the perspectives of both medical  experts and patients. In this episode, one of the hosts plays an audio  diary she created during the dreaded “two week wait” women experience  between embryo implantation and the first test that can determine if  they are now pregnant. These procedures are now relatively common, but  it’s still rare to hear first-hand about the anxiety and illness they  can cause (49m24s)

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