From pan to dot

Plus: the one that got away

North West

Episode: "Why Is That Giant Beaver Holding a Cookie?" | Podcast: Gone Ramblin' | 63m30s

Good humoured chat show about the Oklahoma panhandle, a 3.6 million acre offshoot to the north west of the state of Oklahoma. Historically, it has been an anomaly, passed between states and occupiers as geopolitical shifts occurred. Even now, this vast area has a population of under 30,000 people and the main industry is agriculture, particularly ranching. The hosts of this show both grew up there and reserve the right to "lovingly poke fun" at this remote, sometimes isolated community (63m30s)

The One

Episode: "The Girl With No Name" | Podcast: Stories of the Ones that Got Away | 29m07s

Interviews about life's turning points, encapsulated by encounters with "the ones that got away". The anonymous woman who speaks here moved to a new place for a career opportunity and met a man who quickly became a romantic partner. Since circumstances later parted them, she now reflects on what might have been if they had stayed together. The conversation surfaces repressed emotions and tackles serious topics, but there's a good humour to this whole show that prevents it becoming heavy listening (29m07s)

Dot Com

Episode: "Fear of Investing in BlackPlanet"" | Podcast: Go For Broke | 27m26s

Before there was MySpace or Facebook, there was BlackPlanet, an early social networking site aimed at Black users. As part of this excellent series investigating different facets of the Dot Com Bubble, the journalists here explore why this website – which quickly attracted a dedicated user base, especially among students at America's historically black colleges β€” failed to pique the interest of venture capitalists after the next big internet hit. This episode combines personal stories with the larger economic themes (27m26s)

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