From rhubarb to betting

Plus: how to vote cynically

Green Fingers

Episode: "That's Shallot" | Podcast: Sunday Gardening with Tim Crowther | 10m30s

Gentle and brief gardening show from the BBC local radio station in Leeds, Yorkshire. Rhubarb is the "plant of the week" in this episode and gets top billing— apparently, in 2700BCE in China the plant's root was highly prized for medicinal purposes while the stems we eat today were disregarded. The "job of the week" for gardeners with an eye on the imminent start of spring is to plant out shallots and scare away crows. Whether you plan to grow your own food or not, this show will leave you feeling more cheerful (10m30s)

Emergency Room

Episode: "Angiodema" | The Resus Room | 31m44s

Conversational show about emergency medicine. The hosts are both specialist doctors in the UK and cover cases from their day jobs as well as new research in the field. This episode is about angiodema, the severe swelling of mucus membranes often in the face and neck. It's usually associated with allergic reactions, but there are other causes too. Using an anonymised case he worked on, one host sets out for the other how a substantial knowledge gap on this subject in the medical profession can cause serious harm (31m44s)

Placing Bets

Episode: "Back To The Beach" | Podcast: Election Profit Makers | 41m26s

Rebooted US election podcast about political betting. This show first ran in 2016, and became very emotional towards the end as the hosts came to terms with what Trump's victory meant for their worldview. It returns now with a more cynical approach, but the old idealism still peeks through occasionally. And there's still the same surreal, almost angry tone to the conversation that initially drew me in. The keen-eared will notice that one of the three hosts is Starlee Kine, formerly of beloved cult podcast Mystery Show (41m26s)

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