From diet to code

Plus: pigs in caves

Family Time

Episode: "Shabbat Dinner with Whitney Fisch" | Podcast: Skillet | 40m22s

Podcast about food and the memories it evokes. This is a special episode about one family's shabbat traditions, with the host spending time with them as they prepare their Friday night meal. There's enough recipe talk to make the listener extremely hungry — the potatoes described here especially sound delicious — alongside the interview about the intersection of religion and diet. "For me, everything is Jewish food. What separates Jewish food from any other food? Nothing. Jewish food can be Spanish, Italian, it can be everything" (40m22s)

Start Up

Episode: "Pigs, Soap, Beer, Oh My! (History 101 feat. Greg Hand)" | Podcast: When Pigs Fly | 48m56s

Local business podcast about Cincinnati, Ohio. This is the very first episode of the show, which goes on to profile major companies in the city today and look at its culture of entrepreneurship. However, this first instalment looks back at the region's history, and gives listeners an overview of which industries have traditionally thrived there. Arguably the most fascinating portion of the show has to do with the meat processing industry, which relied on the natural topography for the underground caves beneath the town to keep products cool (48m56s)

Life Online

Episode: "Markus Robinson" | Podcast: Revision Path | 59m03s

Interview show featuring Black talent from the world of design and digital development. The guest on this episode co-founded Black Web 2.0, a popular source of information about people of colour in the tech industry, and now oversees the web presence for a media organisation. He goes into detail about how he learned to code and the personality good design requires: "I’ve always just been a tinkerer, I’ve always been just the type of person that would take a calculator apart and want to understand the different intricate circuits in it" (59m03s)

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