From skiing to pillows

Plus: Becoming A District Attorney

Après Ski

Episode: "Guns, Skis And Corruption: Biathlon" | Podcast: Stories Of Our Times | 26m17s

Fascinating dive into a corruption scandal in a relatively low profile winter sport: biathlon, the one that combines cross country skiing and rifle shooting. The international governing body is dealing with allegations of corruption and a former president is accused of taking gifts in exchange for favours. Although this sport is niche, the story raises interesting questions about what integrity should like when a sport is gaining fans and looking to expand. Plenty of parallels with bigger sports are highlighted by the reporters (26m17s)

Prosecution Rests

Episode: "Becoming A District Attorney" | Podcast: Deep Background with Noah Feldman | 35m26s

Interview with a candidate for the position of District Attorney of Manhattan. This discursive piece both looks at the role as it is today and how it could be reformed to make prosecution more equitable and empathetic. A far cry from the extremely partial view of the US justice system we get from pop culture and news stories, there's a lot of information here packed into a short conversation. As well as speculating about the direction Biden might take on criminal justice, there are case studies given here that demonstrate the system's failings (35m26s)

Throw Pillow

Episode: "Princess Anne, Nicola Harding, Can't Change It — Make It Work" | Podcast: The Great Indoors | 46m13s

Plummy, cosy British interior design podcast. There are three segments here, of which the first is far and away the best. It deals with a recent viral photo of Princess Anne's living room, which shocked the public with its un-royal clutter and non palatial proportions. They find plenty to laugh at but also applaud the "make do and mend" attitude of one of the UK's wealthiest women. The practical tips section at the end of this show is also worthy of attention, since it has suggestions for how to have a more stylish space without spending money (46m13s)

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