From spy to end

Plus: what gives you hope

Secret Agent

Episode: "The Double Life" | Podcast: Blindspot: The Road to 9/11 | 34m23s

Interview with Emad Salem, an Egyptian army officer who became an FBI informant. At the request of his American handlers, he infiltrated the cell that attacked the World Trade Center in 1993 and helped to prevent a number of planned follow up atrocities in New York City. He testified against several Al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists in open court, and as a result has been in hiding ever since. Salem is very good at narrating his own life — some of his anecdotes could be lifted straight out of an action film (34m23s)

Looking Up

Episode: "What Gives You Hope?" | Podcast: Answerable Questions With Questionable Answers | 33m37s

Conversational podcast with a mildly spiritual flavour. Three friends — a broadcaster, a journalist and a trainee pastor — try to answer a different "big question" in each episode. Their commentary is inflected by their personal beliefs and experiences but they do manage to strike a balance between talking openly about their Christian faith while not seeking to impose that worldview on listeners. Here, they address practical strategies for feeling hopeful when all seems dire — even if it's as simple as feeling grateful for a nice sandwich (33m37s)

The End

Episode: "Velvet Ray" | Podcast: Better Off Dead | 52m28s

Profile of a palliative care nurse who became a campaigner for terminal patients' "right to die" after he was diagnosed with incurable cancer. Some of this episode makes for difficult listening, as Ray Godbold and his family live through the practical implications of what, for many, is only an abstract ethical question. As added context it's worth knowing that the year after this episode was published, the Australian state of Victoria passed a voluntary assisted dying law that came into effect in summer 2019 (52m28s)

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