From the tube to Hamilton

Plus: an Irish folk tale

Voice Booth

Episode: "The Year The News Broke" | Podcast: Tales From The Tannoy | 44m43s

Voice artists reveal the real life stories behind the recordings. The host doesn't have a famous name, but her voice will be very well known to anyone who has travelled in London — she's the woman who recorded the announcements on the London Underground. Her guest, Gayanne Potter, is the announcer for ITV News — another very recognisable presence to British viewers. Although her role onscreen is to sound "cool, calm and collected" at all times, Potter recently had a complete breakdown, which she explains here (44m43s)

Folk Tales

Episode: "Granny’s Leather Bag Feat. Orla Brady" | Podcast: Circle Round | 23m47s

Lovingly sound designed retellings of folk stories from around the world. It's made with children in mind, but there's no reason why it can't be enjoyed by adults. This one is adapted from a version told in Ireland, and follows the fortunes of two very different sisters living on a rural farm — one selfish, one generous. There's also a leather purse of silver coins involved and a family suffering hardship. I don't want to give away what happens, but those familiar with fables will be able to work out what the moral of this story might be, I think (23m47s)

All Star

Episode: "Clipping's Daveed Diggs: Noise Rap, Hamilton & Sesame Street" | Podcast: Bullseye With Jesse Thorn | 63m19s

Interview with Daveed Diggs, best known as Jefferson/Lafayette in the original Broadway cast of Hamilton. This show canters swiftly through his impressively varied career, which includes screenwriting and acting in sitcoms as well as music. Diggs has a charming manner that makes this longish conversation speed past. The section about his work with experimental rap outfit Clipping is what stayed with me — Diggs never raps in the first person for their stuff, and they've even done an album of rap-based film criticism (63m19s)

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