The Secret Room

The Secret Room At The Mall

Episode: ”The Accidental Room” | Podcast: 99% Invisible | 34m37s

A  group of artists discover a secret room, or rather an area of negative,  unused space, at the heart of a giant shopping mall. They move in  secretly, and begin to experience a building designed entirely for  transient consumption as permanent residents. As this story is unfolded,  fascinating details about the history and design principles of  commercial developments are woven through the documentary (34m37s)

A Civil Society

Episode: ”What does civility actually mean, and is it enough?” | Podcast: On Being | 17m02s

Krista  Tippett, author and long time public radio host, responds to a  listener’s question about the nature of civility. In this short audio  essay, she touches on how the act of being civil can impact safety, what  it means in digital rather than offline contexts, and how it can be a  shortcut to greater empathy (17m02s)

I’m Sorry I Exist

Episode: ”Paul Feig” | Podcast: 10 Things That Scare Me | 5m24s

Hollywood  director Paul Feig participates in this amusing series of bite-sized  confessions, in which subjects list and explain ten things that they  fear. His selections include rats, conflict, and being yelled at, which  he says “to me is the equivalent of being hunted down and eaten” (5m24s)

The Climate Change Con

Episode: ”The Bell Labs of Energy” | Podcast: Drilled | 16m15s

Investigative  series about the origins of climate change denial, told in the style of  a true crime murder mystery podcast. This first episode focuses on the  activities of Exxon in the 1970s, which hired experts to research the  impact of fossil fuels on the environment. The podcast then tracks how  this became such a partisan and politicised issue, making excellent use  of archive recordings (16m15s)

A Christmas Miracle

Episode: ”Dear Santa” | Podcast: The Allusionist | 21m38s

Heartwarming  story of two New Yorkers who on year inexplicably receive hundreds of  letters to Santa from children, all addressed to their Manhattan  apartment. Rather than throwing them away, they decide to fulfil these  Christmas wishes themselves, distributing the letters to friends and  strangers who want to do a festive good turn (21m38s)

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