From diners to theatres

Plus: Minnie the Moocher

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Jazz Hands

Episode: "Anything Goes" | Podcast: The Show Show: The A-Z of Musicals | 46m38s

Relatively new podcast that promises to go through Wikipedia's alphabetised list of musical theatre shows in order, episode by episode. This second episode is the letter A for Anything Goes by Cole Porter, first performed on Broadway in 1934. This cruise ship based romantic comedy was the original source of two of Porter's best songs, "You're the Top" and "I Get a Kick Out of You", and despite its lightweight plot has had an outsize influence on the stage musical. This is a pretty loose, conversational show, but still enjoyable (46m38s)

More Coffee

Episode: "Adam & Eve On A Raft: Why Lonely People Are Attracted To Diners" | Podcast: Alone Together | 25m59s

Podcast about loneliness explores the role that the 24 hour diner plays in this experience and its depiction in western pop culture. Beginning with the 1942 Edward Hopper painting Nighthawks, which shows four  customers inside a lighted diner on a dark street corner, the host looks at the way these establishments have operated as a space where people can be alone together. There's also a discussion of how diners became political, as American civil rights activists like John Lewis "sat in" to protest segregationist policies (25m59s)

Another Country

Episode: "1931" | Podcast: Centuries Of Sound | 42m59s

Sonic time travelling. The creators of this show are gradually producing audio mixes for every year of recorded sound, beginning with one for 1859. They have now reached the 1930s, and this recreation of 1931 is well worth turning up in the headphones. The Great Depression, Hollywood's golden age, the Mississippi Delta blues — it's all here. There are recognisable hits here, such as Cab Calloway's "Minnie The Moocher", but also plenty of songs that haven't made it to modern anthologies. It's a pleasure to listen like a 1930s music fan (42m59s)

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