From Eichmann to the Clyde

Plus: a trip to the video shop

Wanted Man

Episode: "Herr Eichmann" | Podcast: Israel Story | 31m44s

Interviews with the people who had contact with Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann during his imprisonment in Israel in 1960. Prosecutors were so worried about the possibility of an extra-judicial killing before his trial that those guarding him were chosen because they spoke no German and had lost no family in the Holocaust. But among his interrogators were several survivors and there was disagreement on how courteous to be to the prisoner — should they call the man who organised the murder of millions "Herr"? (31m44s)

Dredge Deep

Episode: "Extreme Trade: The Rise And Fall Of Glasgow’s Shipbuilding" | Podcast: Trade Talks | 37m29s

Economist talks through the extreme fortunes of trade in Glasgow, Scotland. In the eighteenth century, tobacco and then linen dominated the city's wharfs, before a vast shipbuilding enterprise took over and made the river Clyde a global destination for maritime commerce. In the twentieth century, a series of poor policy decisions and a delay in adopting new technologies completely scuppered this industry, contributing to the severe unemployment and deprivation in the city today. Erudite yet accessible discussion (37m29s)

Jump Scare

Episode: "Episode 04" | Podcast: Radio Rental | 47m25s

Anthology horror show, with the twist being that all of the stories shared are true (or at least those telling them think they are). Creator Payne Lindsay spent a year sourcing these tales on internet forums like Reddit, tracked down those telling them, and recorded these semi-scripted versions. The frame narrative features Rainn Wilson in character as a spooky video shop owner, playing VHS tapes containing these stories. The highlight here is the stalking story told from two perspectives — many women will recognise it, I think (47m25s)

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