From bodies to ballots

Plus: black superheroes

Voting Patterns

Episode: "The Candidate" | Podcast: The Modern Mann | 80m47s

Gripping documentary about a young British MP's campaign to be re-elected in the December 2019 general election. This is a magazine podcast with lots of sections — the reporting starts at 16m44s. Layla Moran is running for a swing seat in Oxfordshire, and the host follows her through doorstep campaigning, fundraising rallies and the election night count. Like many women politicians now, she receives threats to her life, so security is a prominent theme. She also has to navigate coming out about her sexuality to a hostile press (80m47s)

Heroic Age

Episode: "Black Heroes Matter" | Podcast: Geek History Lesson | 44m59s

Conversational podcast about comics addresses racism and social justice, as well as the positive effect that representative pop culture can have on public opinion. The episode then goes on to highlight the black superheroes already extant in this genre, discussing Miles Morales as Spider-Man, Black Panther, crime fighting lawyer Augustus Freeman from Icon: A Hero's Welcome and the Batwing series. The hosts and their guest strike a good balance between introducing new fans and deeper analysis for aficionados (44m59s)

Light Up

Episode: "Not This Again" | Podcast: Bodies | 22m46s

Personal story from a journalist, Angelina, who has the neurodegenerative disease ALS. Before, she was a reporter for Vice, living in Brooklyn, and relishing her freedom. Now, she lives with her parents and relies on others for the care that keeps her safe. There's some adult content in this episode, as she discusses sex and drugs — cannabis in particular helps her to talk for long enough to record this. There's a beautiful, hallucinatory quality to this piece, as Angelina talks about her lucid dreams and fantasies of movement (22m46s)

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