From walks to trials

Plus: a visit to North Shields

On Foot

Episode: "On Practice: Walking" | Podcast: Serpentine Podcast | 32m08s

Examination of walking as part of contemporary art and politics. After a year of restrictions in which "going for a walk" has been the highlight of the day for many, this piece about how putting one foot in front of the other can be a tool for creativity or resistance feels apt. Exercises include intentionally observing the walkers in a busy street or park and noticing their purpose or lack their of, letting children take the lead when planning a walk, and mapping your area by what can be approached on foot and where access is restricted (32m08s)

Slip Shod

Episode: "North Shields | Time And The Shoe Man" | Podcast: High Street Tales | 17m42s

Storytelling podcast from the UK's Historic England organisation, which exists to preserve heritage buildings and widen access to them. This show consists of seven separate stories, each created by a different writer in response to the high street in a different place. The pieces combine folk tales and urban legends to create new fiction rooted in regional traditions. This one is from North Shields, a town in north east England, and combines the feel of a fairy story with a modern meditation on the passing of time (17m42s)

Bonus pick: Seishi Yokomizo, the so-called "Agatha Christie of Japan", sold over 55 million books during his lifetime but was never translated into English. Learn more about the rich tradition of the Japanese whodunnit on the new podcast episode from Listener editor Caroline Crampton. Listen to Shedunnit now at or in your podcast app.

All Rise

Episode: "Trials Of The Millennia" | Podcast: A Hint Of Fiction | 31m18s

Intriguing twist on a common podcasting premise. The two hosts here talk through three stories on a particular theme in each episode, commenting off the cuff as different aspects interest them. What elevates this show above the run of the mill conversational podcast, however, is that only two of the tales are true. The other is a piece of fiction they've written and the listener has to try and spot it — a competitive element that adds to the experience. This instalment is about legal trials through history (31m18s)

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