From words to rocks

Plus: is Ellen cancelled?

Episode: "Shore In Noongar" | Podcast: Little Yarns | 7m19s

Series about Australia's many first languages, spoken by peoples all over the continent and now in need of restoration after centuries of suppression and colonisation. In each episode, the host "visits" a different place and is taught a few words of a regional language by a friendly speaker. Here, we go to the Noongar Nation in the south west of Australia. This show from the country's public broadcaster is aimed at children, but the clear diction and translation is really suitable for anyone curious about the topic (7m19s)

The Judgment

Episode: "Is Ellen DeGeneres Canceled?" | Podcast: Are They Canceled? | 26m17s

Mostly lighthearted look at cancel culture. The hosts take it in turns to present the case for a celebrity, dissect their behaviour and then conclude by deciding whether that person is "cancelled" or not. The subject of this investigation is Ellen DeGeneres, the American comedian and talk show host best known for coming out as a lesbian on television in 1994. While acknowledging her groundbreaking stance then, the hosts raise questions about her more recent actions, including defending fellow celebrities accused of homophobia (26m17s)

Ancient Stone

Episode: "Red Rocks" | Podcast: Describing A Rock | 17m53s

Beautiful short essays describing rocks. Of course, there's much more here than just adjectives about stone: each episode transports the listener temporarily to where the host is and invites you to contemplate the landscape together. Here ancient sandstone formations are observed while resting on a hike up a mountain. The language and delivery of this show are contemplative and calming, and it's worth giving your whole focus for its short duration. This, the first new episode in over a year, is really excellent (17m53s)

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