From coins to phones

Plus: scary bedtime stories

Fix It

Episode: "Lucy Lloyd" | Podcast: Working People | 83m23s

Self taught repair technician makes the case for fixing broken Apple devices. She explains the campaign for a codified "right to repair", which would prevent tech companies building in redundancy and give consumers the right to get devices fixed by independent craftspeople. This interview is part of a long running series that seeks to profile America's working class in the 21st century. The host tends to ramble on this theme for a while at the start of episodes, but it's still worth pushing through to the actual conversations (83m23s)

Eyes Wide

Episode: "The Wyrm" | Podcast: On A Dark, Cold Night | 29m24s

Brilliant twist on the bedtime story subgenre. This is a podcast for horror-lovers with insomnia, in which a creepily soft voiced narrator tells you slow, spooky stories drawn from mythology and folk tales. This one is about a kingdom plagued by a horrible creature living in a cave. "The most terrible thing about these nightmares was that the creature was real," we are told. Everything about the production of this show enhances its sinister atmosphere, from the host's chilling tones to the whistled theme song (29m24s)

True Believer

Episode: "The Penny" | Podcast: Boys' Bible Study | 52m47s

Trio of friends watch and analyse contemporary Christian films. Scanning the feed alone is an education in the enormous variety of this kind of content that is available — who knew there was pop culture made specifically for Jehovah's Witnesses? This episode is focused on a 2017 drama called The Penny, in which a former police officer learns lessons about God and fate because of an old coin. The barely concealed subtext is gently mocked by the hosts as they analyse all of the film's 88 minutes (52m47s)

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