The Listener comes to Ghost

Dear Listeners,

We’re happy to announce that The Listener is moving to Ghost, the independent publishing platform. This is mostly a technological change — the newsletter you receive every day will stay exactly the same, and we remain the same small team dedicated to bringing you audio recommendations that surprise and delight you. But moving to Ghost gives us more flexibility to build and design The Listener exactly how we like it; just as importantly, Ghost is an independent open-source platform that’s helping to build a sustainable future for journalism, and we’re very proud to support that mission.

In terms of your experience, there won’t be much difference – you’ll still get three outstanding podcast summaries each day in your email, but there’s a few small things to note:

  1. You might notice some formatting changes in the newsletter and the website – please let us know if these cause any issues for you!
  2. When visiting the Listener website, your old password will no longer work – you will have to log in using a magic token (sent to your email) from
  3. If you get the Listener’s special curation feed directly in your podcast app, you’ll need to move over to our new rss feed – more instructions here.

We know that this kind of transition can sometimes throw up small issues, but if you encounter any problems at all please email our publisher on and we’ll get things sorted as fast as possible. Equally, if you have thoughts, comments or suggestions about how the Listener could be better for you (whether related to the move or not!), please email Uri anytime, we’re always delighted to hear from you. Of course, the most important thing about the Listener won’t be changing at all: you, the members, who make it all possible – we’re very lucky to have you.


Caroline, Lindelani and Uri

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