Beef and Dairy

The Meat Market

Episode: ”Dr David Pin” | Podcast: Beef and Dairy Network | 11m09s

Instalments from a parody radio station catering to “those involved or just interested in the production of beef animals and dairy herds”. Host Benjamin Partridge surveys milk prices, discusses feed brands and interviews bovine experts in a surreal yet engaging manner. The attention to detail in the script and production is excellent (11m09s)

Sorry For Your Loss

Episode: “In The Left Pocket, By My Heart” | Podcast: ARRVLS | 20m02s

Producer and her husband document their year of grief after the death of their newborn daughter. The soundscape is beautiful, but it is the writing that is really moving: “I grew her, and I lost her, and now I look for her everywhere” (20m02s)

Bad Medicine

Episode: “Chill Pill” | Podcast: The Tip Off | 25m37s

Interview with investigative journalist Ben Bryant detailing his year-long investigation into the booming market for fake prescription drugs. The host leads him through the steps he took to track a handful of illicit Xanax from a house party in London to its source on the dark web (25m37s)

Always Advertising

Episode: “Spawn of Sponcon” | Podcast: Flash Forward | 48m46s

Futurist podcast looks at the likely evolution of advertising. Via a fictional reconstruction and interviews with real-life commentators, host Rose Eveleth explores the idea that influencer marketing could move offline and into normal conversation. People are rewarded financially for mentioning products positively, while their smartphones listen constantly to verify (48m46s)

Pasta Dilemma

Episode: “Gnocci” | Podcast: Robot or Not | 5m04s

Brief podcast about definitions. Is gnocci a type of pasta, a dumpling, or its own category of food? The hosts are fast-talking and quarrelsome, but always engaged with the deeper philosophical question at hand (5m04s)