Herzog, Kidney, Exile

Expanding Brain

Episode: “Werner Herzog” | Podcast: The Portal | 82m16s

In depth and somewhat reverential interview with Werner Herzog, who the host considers to be an unparalleled genius living in an age that might not be chaotic enough to appreciate him — ”what does a Winston Churchill do if there’s no World War Two to win?”. The answer, apparently, is make films: bizarre, varied, brilliant, inexplicable films that challenge narrative and perception. The conversation here ranges more widely than cinema though, with Herzog giving his views on travel, politics and education among other things. Beyond technical skill, an aspiring filmmaker must “read, read, read,” he says (82m16s)

Kettle On

Episode: “Phyllis Lovett (nee Adelizzi)" | Podcast: Two Cups of Tea | 30m43s

Interview with a 93 year old woman, the daughter of Italian immigrants to London in the early twentieth century. She was born in Clerkenwell and still lives just a short bus ride away from her first home. She had five brothers and four sisters, and grew up in a chaotic East End family. There’s plenty of atmospheric detail from the conversation — steak and kidney pudding served up regularly, ice cream delivered on barrows — and also unusual wartime reminiscences. Phyllis had a job making uniforms for the Navy, and she used to leave notes to sailors in the pockets she stitched (30m43s)

Shot Down

Episode: “The Off Season, Part 1” | Podcast: The Truth | 23m46s

First episode of a four-part drama about workplace sexual harassment. Television presenter Bruce Alvarez is accused live on air during an audience phone in of, among other things, firing an intern for “being too sexy”. He’s banished to the Hamptons while an internal review is conducted of his behaviour, and he goes slowly insane in the information vacuum of his exile — he starts comparing himself to Napoleon on St Helena. This whole series is brilliantly written and performed. Discretion is advised, especially if listening around young children, as there is occasional strong language and discussion of abuse (23m46s)

On the latest instalment of the African Tech Roundup Podcast, Zimbabwean broadcaster and entrepreneur Andile Masuku is joined by researcher and author of China, Africa and the Future of the Internet Iginio Gagliardone and The Subtext’s Osarumen Osamuyi for a candid, context-setting discussion about the growing tech and innovation relationship between Africa and China.

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