Lyme, Cyclops, Dish

Tick Tock

Episode: “The Triangle” | Podcast: Patient Zero | 44m26s

Epidemiology podcast investigates the fast-spreading Lyme disease epidemic in the United States. This is the first episode of a series, and thus it spends time explaining how this field of medicine functions and the origins of this illness. This is all well done, with strong reporting unfolded to the listener in a comprehensible, informative style. The brilliance of this show, though, is the way it has been framed a medical mystery. It’s almost like a whodunnit: not all doctors can be trusted, and there’s no “silver bullet” for working out how to cure this condition (44m26s)

Creature Feature

Episode: “Ancient Greek Monster Mash" | Podcast: Greeking Out | 20m22s

Greek mythology podcast aimed a children, although its light hearted and slightly whacky production style can amuse those of all ages. This episode is about the monsters of the ancient world: the sphinx, the cyclops, Scylla. Each is introduced with a swift precis of the relevant classical texts (yes, Homer is mentioned), told as a dialogue between the host and a robotic voiced AI assistant that interrupts with extra facts. Although it’s obviously aimed at the modern child — it seems assumed that they have use of a tablet or computer — there’s something endearingly retro about this show (20m22s)

Dining In

Episode: “That One Dish" | Podcast: Born And Raised | 21m09s

Second generation immigrant experiences from Canada. This episode is part of a series about food — “the question ‘have you eaten yet?’ is basically the immigrant way of saying ‘hello’”, one host says — and specifically the dishes that take the eater back to a culture or a place they have left behind. There’s a mouth-watering selection of meals described here (this is one of those shows that will make you very hungry) but there’s also a nuanced discussion of the way ideas about food can move and shift as people arrive in new countries to begin fresh lives (21m09s)

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